Matrix-Q Native Startups - Challenge


  • As an aspiring or already entrepreneur you would like to address specific global, local, entrepreneurial, or human capital pressing issues
  • You may lack the knowledge, innovations, or experience
  • You may like to create new solutions, innovate
  • Why start from scratch?

    I give you a license to utilize Matrix-Q Innovations,  for you to create a business project with them

    I provide you with holistic entrepreneurship training, for you to become a Matrix-Q Specialist & Entrepreneur


    • You may utilize the Matrix-Q FrameWork, Methods, Tools, Knowledge, Skills, Data, Technology
    • We have made available a foundation training for holistic entrepreneurship and 4 programs (capacity building, hands-on, learning by doing holistic entrepreneurship training) for you to master a Matrix-Q Innovation
    • We have published 25% of the Matrix-Q Innovations (Matrix-Q Knowledge applied) in 2022. We may add more Matrix-Q Innovations in 2023. We have included already non-tangibles and digitals. merchandise, tangible and hybrid products


    • Select one Matrix-Q Native Startup Innovation (Registration)
    • And one program (One, Quick Silver, Copper, Silver, or Gold Exclusive)
    • Schedule your first session, get a road map ready, set your goals, and milestones, schedule time, and go for it!
    • Matrix-Q Certificates, Licenses, and Labels are included in the program
    • Matrix-Q Entrepreneurial Challenges, for holistic wealth generation, to practice entrepreneurship
    • Also Matrix-Q Club Memberships with valuable benefits

    Matrix-Q Native Start-Up Programs

    Each program offer you a number of days, training, assessment sessions and challenges, to complete your learning curve and qualify for a Matrix-Q Certificate, Licens or Label

    Matrix-Q Innovations

    • Each Matrix-Q Innovation enables the creation of 9+ series of products and services (Systemic impact)
    • To master a Matrix-Q Innovation means the aspiring entrepreneur has acquired the knowledge, skills, and capacity necessary to utilize the Matrix-Q Innovation in order to create a positive systemic impact
    • Below you can select the innovation you prefer, and register with it.
    • For all innovations, a holistic entrepreneurship program has been included.
    • More tangible, non-tangible, digital and hybrid innovations will be added every season (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall)