By successfully completing a level of the challenge, you earn prizes.

The condition is that the number of points you have  earned in total, would be over a minimum threshold.

When you request to access a new level of the game, you receive the information on the prizes you can win. 

Below a list of prizes. We will add more every 3 months


  • 27.000,00 EUR in Cash for the winner that hits our bonus challenge (only for winners)
  • The Matrix-Q Fund will enable 27.000,00 EUR in resources for the winners to continue the development of their projects.
  • A 4 years membership in the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club
  • The entrepreneurs will be welcome to start up a company under the Matrix-Q Brand (Equity)
  • Matrix-Q Licenses, certificates (including training)
  • Matrix-Q Specialists will contribute with multidisciplinary innovation, mentorship, coaching
  • Matrix-Q Incubation/Acceleration program
  • Matrix-Q Valuation of the startup


  • The competition itself has been designed to provide the participants with an acceleration of their learning curve, and increase their knowledge, enhance skills, acquire new capacities and competencies.
  • Through the challenges, the candidates will receive capacity building on key innovative knowledge, tools, skills, and technology, only available at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • Membership at the Matrix-Q Akademia for 729 days


  • Participants also qualify (points system) to join
    • Matrix-Q Innovation Lab (Multidisciplinary innovation: from idea to MVP, to incubation & scaling up)
    • Matrix-Q House (Co-living, co-working, self-sufficient space in the city, farm, or off the grid)
    • Matrix-Q Consulting Team (Consultancy in business and sustainable development)
    • Matrix-Q Coaching Team (Holistic coaching and training)
    • Matrix-Q Passive Income: Create together with us passive income opportunities
  • Sponsors create for our candidate's additional challenges and give them unique valuable prizes

27K EUR in cash

Everyone with a business knows that cash is king, and cashflow moves the business forward. Play the game! Only one TOP winner of the BONUS challenge, will earn the 27K EUR

Matrix-Q Knowledge Membership

2, 4, and 6 years of Matrix-Q Knowledge Membership. This unique membership lets you learn and utilize Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Technology, Methods, Skills, and Holistic Data for anything you want.


Matrix-Q Tech.

Subscriptions and licenses for smart applications, and e-learning products generation tools, you can rebrand and utilize in your own company, integrated into your products, or as essential for your strategic and human capital management.

Matrix-Q Akademia

Training units wallet, you accumulate them, to use them later to attend workshops, seminars, weekends, courses, or access to e-learning programs. 36 Learning programs one of them will fit your business needs.

Holistic Lifestyle Club

Work-Life Balance is of great value in our ecosystem, that is why we have created a club. As a membership holder, you will learn the most advanced techniques for stress management, release, regeneration, time management, and health. Powerful tools that will boost your performance and creativity. Methods you can apply any time at the office or home in just 1-3 min, with wonderful results

Matrix-Q Avatar Games

The most advanced and diverse hybrid games of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, are designed to enhance specific skills for entrepreneurs and leaders. simulate real-life challenges, develop your preferred leadership styles, level up your adaptivity and creativity skills, and learn how to achieve results with your conscious and subconscious resources, by playing.

Hybrid games include board, card games, outdoor games, e-games, and others.

Marketing Resources

Access a 6K users network with our social media, and e-mail newsletter services. You will receive tickets to publish advertisements on our websites and post content on our social media channels. Also, promote your business in our ecosystem marketplace.

Matrix-Q Innovation Lab

Making points with a creative and innovative mindset will attract our attention to your capacity.  You may receive an invitation to join the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab. Or receive innovation, trapped value release advice, workshops, or coaching from our members. Opporty to upgrade your technology by designing or integrating new elements into your business


You are joining the competition with a new idea. Or testing a new product. Or maybe you are totally new for business. On of our prizes is an incubation program delivered one module at the time.

e-Learning Programs

27 e-Learning programs and many more to be published in 2023.

900 e-publications, and 900 hours of video and audio materials, will be made available for you.

Human Capital Capacity Scan

It is not alone your finding, innovative idea, strategy, or capital that makes your business successful but your team. 

Our human capital capacity scan reports will help you find out the strength, weakness, blindspots, barriers, individual and collective capacity of your team, to match your company with challenges that your team can take and succeed

Become a Matrix-Q Human Consultant

Along with the Matrix-Q Challenges, you will have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Technology, knowledge, and methods to develop your business. You could qualify to become a Matrix-Q Specialist and join our human consultant's pool. We utilize human inclusive technology

Become a Matrix-Q Designer

Along with the Matrix-Q Challenges, you will have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Technology, knowledge, and methods to design solutions: circular, regenerative and systemic impact designs. You could qualify to become a Matrix-Q Specialist and join our human consultant's pool. We utilize human inclusive technology

Human Capital Services

Having challenges finding the right team members for your business?

Receive a bonus prize of human capital services. We recruit, train and develop your human capital. 

Futurist Prediction

For yourself or your company. 

Utilizing the most advanced Matrix-Q Algorithms and tools for prediction. 

Matrix-Q Quantum Vision provides strategic advice on future scenarios.

We predict, analyze, and craft tailor-made strategic solutions for your unique future timeline

27K EUR in value

A business does not move alone with cash. Winners will receive 27KEUR in resources, other forms of capital, necessary for the business to grow, and for the team to be successful.

Entrepreneurs Club


2, 4 & 6 years The Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs club membership offers you a unique network of like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors. Our activities focus on better, more impactful business and growth.

Business Valuation Reports

Including Matrix-Q Human Capital value (3-12+ months) and performance reports, financial valuation, impact valuation, innovation/product, and market valuation.

You can share with investors.

Matrix-Q Licenses

After completion of a training module, you demonstrate along the competition your capacity of applying the knowledge acquired. You earn a commercial license.

add it to your company.

Brain GYM Sessions

Matrix-Q Holistic brain GYM, enhances not only your brain performance but your holistic capacity in general. Including adaptation, innovation, creativity, learning, empathy, communication, and emotional intelligence. You will utilize advanced yet very simple methods and tools. 

Our motivation is fitness in the body, mind, and energy, with a positive mindset

1-9 min daily with wonderful results.

Matrix-Q Algorithms

for Entrepreneurs

Our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will share with you real-life cases, and circumstances that are similar to some you may face one day in the future. He will share with us his pivots, success, and failure stories. As well as the algorithms that brought him to succeed.  How those challenges changed his approach to business. Luis will also share algorithms for purpose, and service driven leaders, and about his own personal growth journey.

Strategic Partnerships

Members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, partners, and stakeholders will follow up on your trajectory and consider giving you a special challenge or suggest a strategic partnership or collaboration project. Based on your performance and personality, we will match you as well with opportunities.

Matrix-Q House

Co-living/Co-working Space

Starting a company as solo-preneur or as a team requires a careful choice of resources, investments, and partners. The Matrix-Q House offers you both, a place where to live, work, enjoy a holistic lifestyle, and enjoy a self-sufficient co-living space. Getting invited to join this project also means you learn how to set up, organize and lead a team in a co-living space. 


Already in business for a long, and almost ready to scale up. The acceleration challenges will power up your business to the next level and make you fit for investors. with a business valuation report.

Impact Opportunity


Power up your brand by adding a cause to your business development plan. You will be invited to contribute to causes the Matrix-Q Ecosystem is caring for at the moment. 

Matrix-Q Omicron

A.I. Trusted Advisor

The most advanced program of our ecosystem will give you access to an A.I.-driven advisor. You will own the data. Matrix-Q A.I. will advise you on best practices for both business and personal development decisions. In relation to this program you will receive valuable subscriptions and/or licenses for the Matrix-Q Smart Applications.

Become a Matrix-Q Coach-Trainer

Along with the Matrix-Q Challenges, you will have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the Matrix-Q Technology, knowledge, and methods as a coach-trainer. You could qualify to become a Matrix-Q Specialist and join our human consultant's pool. we utilize human inclusive technology.

Create a Passive Income Stream

When you develop the business venture you prefer, you also would like to have a passive income stream bringing cash to you while you are sleeping. We will give you the opportunity to generate passive income with our resources and technology. To support your business with the daily fuel it needs to grow.

Leadership Development

An enterprise is as strong and successful as its most capable leader.  Receive a bonus prize from the leadership development program for yourself and your team. 

Advanced tools for strategic leadership

Travel, Culture & Leisure

Not everything is about business.

Participate in a multidisciplinary archeology expedition, and visit ancient cultures and civilizations. Or maybe attend a leisure workshop, a performing arts activity?

We have a variety of leisure prizes for you.

More Prizes

Our sponsors, partners and ecosystem members are preparing special prizes and also challenges for you.

From cash, to gift certificates, coaching, inspiration speakers, influencers time, impact investors attention, marketing tickets, and much more.