"All roads lead to Rome"... 

"There is a unique road for you" ~ LDMF

The Matrix-Q Challenge

A Competition for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

House Rules


The Matrix-Q Challenge welcomes at least once a year new candidates.

The competition takes place throughout the year. Participants decide how long they want to play. 81 days, 729 days or more. You keep winning prizes every season.

NEXT CALL STARTS: 23rd September 2022


With invitation only. Our scouts will contact you. In order to get invited please fill out this form.

Who can participate?

  • Startups, intrapreneurs, invest-preneurs, travel-preneurs, impact-preneurs, solo-preneurs, university students with entrepreneurial projects, scout-preneurs, innovators, early-start-ups, non-profits with self-sufficient projects, SMes (MKBs), corporate spin-offs, collective-entrepreneurs, community entrepreneurial projects, and you. 
  • We encourage also university students and early innovators to take on the challenge.
  • For every one there is a category to participate

Which countries?

  • Our headquarters is in the city of Rhenen in the Netherlands. 
  • Some of our prizes are delivered only at our location. For participants coming from the BENELUX region, it will be convenient, as they are close to us.
  • But we also welcome candidates from all around the EU.  We offer special programs for them and prizes.
  • For candidates coming from other continents, we have only online prizes available. Same rules apply.



  • Candidates will attend a first 3 months trial
  • Along the trial will receive courses, coaching, and scan reports.
  • Candidates will also provide brief information about their entrepreneurial activities.
  • The first challenge(es) will be given. Candidates may need no less than 12 hours in three months to complete them. A capacity assessment will follow the assignment of points.
  • Those candidates with the TOP level of points will access the next level of the competition.


  • Candidates that did not pass the trial season will be assigned to a parallel track, in which courses, coaching, and advice will be given.
  • Once the candidates feel ready, can request a new challenge. If they receive enough points will also pass to the next level of the competition.
  • The same principle applies at any competition level.


  • Tailor-made to each participant
  • Take from 40 min time to a longer period of time.
  • Participants decide if they prefer a long process challenge, the time they invest in and the prize they are competing for


  • Traditional competitions set the levels in advance. But we do not.
  • Participants may continue leveling up their game, non-stop.
  • The only thing they need to do to access the next level is to request the next challenge.
  • It is a rule of the competition that the MAP is only known by the game master. 
  • Depending on how the participants play, points, and capacity of performance are achieved, more complex challenges may be given, involving partners, customers, or stakeholders. 
  • How long does it take to complete a level? We give to all participants a max. of 81 days to complete a level and no less than 9 days.


  • Participants win prizes
  • Before candidates start any level of the competition, transparent information will be given on which are the level prizes and the top performance indicators. 
  • Candidates may play utilizing their own resources, skills, and experience;
  • Or may request training, coaching, mentorship, or resources from our ecosystem to increase their chances for success.
  • Participants win at each stage or level of the competition. Each level has its own prizes. 
  • See the list of prizes that have been placed in the game for winners of all levels, by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem or by our partners. This is the only information that will indicate to participants that there is more to win.
  • It is part of the game to discover how to reach those possible prizes.


  • Mentors, coaches, and trainers will support candidates in their journey.
  • One unique quality of this competition is that we tailor-made the challenges, utilizing Matrix-Q Algorithms.
  • It means that each player may need something else to do. Yet all players will need to complete similar milestones in their journey.


  • Points are assigned when a competitor completes a challenge, task, or project.
  • To receive points means in particular that the candidates have reached the next level, not necessarily that have been successful at the task. What is the next level? depends on what each candidate needs to evolve, and develop the capacity to play at a new level.
  • We utilize the Matrix-Q Score Card 9. It is a Multidimensional Holistic Matrix with key performance indicators, business and human stages of development, innovation readiness, and systemic impact capacity.  

The journey of a winner

A candidate along with the trial season did attend just one of the courses and workshops facilitated. 

Tom and his team learned something new, and pragmatic that will help them in their future as entrepreneurs. The team feels ready and take the trial challenge. Gladly they made the points needed to pass to the next level. 

Tom's team achieved several milestones over the next 6 months. They decided the Matrix-Q Challenge will be a side activity to enable more opportunities, so they kept full attention to the development of their projects. They invested 12 hours/month, shared by all members of the team; including time to fill out forms, play games, and complete tasks. 

At level four, they have won 3 prizes already. Including coaching hours, a subscription for an application, and commercial licenses.

They had already a conversation with one impact investor that is publically monitoring their progress. 

Now they are playing at level 7, and are very close to a prize in Cash of 3.000,00 EUR. If they make it here, will qualify for additional cash challenges, and maybe this year have the chance to win the 27K EUR top prize.

Along their journey they received content, resources, and training, to continue playing, because of the points they made.

Free of Charge vs. Membership

  • The entrepreneurship journey involves learning, investing resources, and developing enterprises, and projects, aiming for an outcome that can be measured in success, economic growth, and positive impact. 
  • One of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs have is when to invest and what to invest in. 
  • If for example, an entrepreneur assesses a future challenge, opportunity, or venture, may arrive at the conclusion that is well prepared or lacks specific resources, skills, or human capital.
  • What to do then? Invest, prepare themselves, or drop the opportunity and choose another one?
  • Sometimes opportunities in business are also opportunities to learn, grow, gain experience and get ready for greater challenges.
  • The wisdom and experience for decision-making can not be transferred. It is important that entrepreneurs learn by himself/ herself /themselves. Coaches, mentors, and advisors should hold back from influencing decisions, interfering with the thinking and learning process.
  • The outcome is always great, a lesson learned, means a successful step. 
  • In the same mindset, at the Matrix-Q Challenge, entrepreneurs can decide to use their earned points to access the next level of the game, or commit to a membership that will enable them access to the resources they need, training, knowledge, tools, simulations, coaching, sparring sessions.
  • The Matrix-Q Challenge is free of charge. (One time for life registration fee is charged at the beginning, a symbolic contribution to remind us that in order to receive something we need to give something too)
  • Alternative, optional, candidates may acquire a membership that gives them access to a number of units of services per season (every 3 months). In this manner candidates who have total control of their budget at any time can change their minds and strategically use their units for resources or opportunities they prefer.

Entrepreneurs games

A story

Tom and his startup team decided to try the Matrix-Q Challenge. To start they did complete a registration (They used the collective registration) for a team of 5 people, so that all members of their company can attend all stages of the challenge at any time.

The team completed easily 3 levels of the challenge, they had already some experience and a number of skills that did fit well the tasks given. The team won prizes and felt confident to take it to the next level.

For the level 4 challenge they found that their current capacity to manage time and process was not as developed as necessary. So they thought: "Time management" is something we can always need. Lets invest together in a course. Tom's team did purchase a basic membership that enable sfor them 3 units of training. They took just the units they needed for the time management course. 

The course itself gave them a challenge, for them to test their capacity to apply the acquired knowledge. And they did win the "time management challenge", winning more points, they could use in the competition.

So they were ready to start level 4, and they did success in a record time. The team used their recently acquire time management skills and managed the whole process like a Swiss Watch!