The Matrix-Q Challenge


The Matrix-Q Challenge is a competition for leaders and entrepreneurs

The goal is to create an accelerated learning experience, a compound effect that will enable growth and impact.

Prizes empower leaders and entrepreneurs:  including both resources, funding, capitals, cash, knowledge, tools, skills, technology, memberships, and opportunities for both economic growth and impact.

The Matrix-Q Challenge has been created for those entrepreneurs that dare the future: we crafted it as a game, a fun experience, a resource of collaboration, and feedback, a safe incubation space for creativity and inspiration, and a technical acceleration process, a hub for opportunities, a bank of resources, a magnet for wealth, a library of knowledge, an archive of experiences, a fund of capitals and club of responsible impact investors.


Entrepreneurs, intra-preneurs, solo-preneurs, travel-preneurs, impact-preneurs, invest-preneurs, early-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial leaders and innovators, startups, scale-ups, first-time entrepreneurs, and university students with entrepreneurial projects, non-profit self-sufficiency projects, collective-entrepreneurs, scouts-preneurs ... and you! with that creative idea that will change the world!


Entrepreneurship is certainly a path taken by people that enjoy going on an adventure. Entrepreneurs dare the world as it is, or as we know it or see it, believing in change, that everything is possible. Entrepreneurs are ready to face unpredictable circumstances because they believe their system, product, skill, and story work.

Social or technology innovation, scientific discoveries, business models, concepts, tools, frameworks, and knowledge are all the result of single simple ideas appearing in the minds/hearts of entrepreneurs in the most unconventional moments of their life. 

Those ideas, that inspiration, and creativity motivated entrepreneurs into "action" to create an outcome that today and altogether is the civilization and state of progress we are living in.

Certainly, the same entrepreneurial activity may have created some of the greatest challenges humanity has faced ever, where both economy, resource depletion, waste, inequalities, climate change outcomes, and (diversity) extinction of millions of species, challenge the quality of life and future of not only the human species

Entrepreneurs today have a more complex dilemma to deal with. 

Economic growth strategies are challenged by new policies, and market stability, complexity, ambiguity, change, and unpredictability play worldwide. Today is not enough to have a good product and to know how to make money with it. Leaders need a new set of competencies, knowledge, information, and tools to play the game.

Human capital recruiting and leadership development programs face new challenges. Also, the people, the market, is changing, they want something else. 

How to thrive as an entrepreneur in this complex scenario?

Since 1993, we are learning about these topics and have explored together with entrepreneurs how new holistic knowledge can help us to thrive in a complex time of change.

We have crafted and integrated innovative tools, methods, mindset, knowledge, skills, algorithms, and technology that creates a competitive advantage for any entrepreneur skillful to use them.

We have also learned how to spot risks and generate the DNA of a company, its leaders, customers, and strategies. The Matrix-Q DNA is a source code, inspired by nature, that helps read in the data of the entrepreneur the potential and opportunities that can change the game.

We have learned about the human variable behind entrepreneurial success: the loved leader, the positive relationship with both community and nature, the creative mindset that enables multidisciplinary innovation, the skill of the strategist and visionary, and the drive of the change maker that finds in daily tasks and challenges a source of creative energy, the creativity of the storyteller, the communication and collaboration skills of the team that saves the day, the time management skill that makes it all possible, the simple tool that supports strategic thinking in complex wicked scenarios, the work-life balance methods that keep you performing at a high level, the balance producing a positive impactful and systemic outcome, that also generates economic growth. 

The entrepreneur, the team with an entrepreneurial mindset, is the ones that pull out the solution, under circumstances that everybody else would consider impossible, wicked, and too complex and save the day.

The Matrix-Q challenge respects your focus and goals.

The focus you need to develop your business.

You do not need to give full attention to us for several months. Normal competitions, incubation, and acceleration programs ask you to commit valuable time and focus. Sometimes taking you out of track. 

Participate in our competition, take short or long-term challenges, and play the game, at any time. You may choose a rhythm, like 5 hours per week or 12 hours per month or more. You may pause for one season (81 days) or take 1-2 years to challenge yourself and access to the resources, opportunities and prices the Matrix-Q Challenge offers you

The Matrix-Q Challenge is tailor-made, matching the needs of your uniqueness

If every human would be the same, DNA studies would have been simple.

The fact applies also to creativity and entrepreneurship. We are unique and have Unique Service Propositions, business models, skill sets, experience, knowledge, tools, and resources. So we thought why not create a challenge that matches every entrepreneur where there are, and brings them to the next level?

At the Matrix-Q Challenge, we help you notice that strength, blindspot, weakness, an opportunity for innovation, growth, or trapped value that you can release today and change your game, own your future!

Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


Data-Driven Tailor-Made Competition

The competition has been gamified, as an accelerated learning experience.

Hybrid games are utilized to challenge the participants; as well as to generate data on the participant's performance.

We produce data-driven reports and design tailor-made challenges for each participant.

With our holistic gamified and data-driven learning methodology, we measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize leaders' and entrepreneurs' capacity, by utilizing our holistic data analysis method.


Data-driven history

One of the goals of the competition is to produce and update data-driven reports of the entrepreneur's performance and the value of their ventures/projects.

The value of an enterprise changes in time, for both profit and non-profit projects. 

For the valuation, we collect data and generate metrics (KPIs) about market entry, innovation value, impact, financials, and human capital.

Thanks to our holistic data-driven and gamified learning methodology, we are able to produce accurate reports of human individual and collective capacity and performance. Adaptation, creativity, prediction, learning, emotional intelligence, innovation, and leadership capacity are a few of the indicators we include in our reports.

The valuation reports are shared with the Matrix-Q Club of Investors, for their review, at least once per year, giving to the entrepreneurs the opportunity to prove their worth.


Holistic Capitalism

Entrepreneurs and leaders will be challenged to approach business from diverse perspectives, holistically. 

For this purpose, a Matrix-Q Frame-Work for Holistic Capitalism Entrepreneurship and Leadership will be shared. 

In this new approach, we study 9 forms of capital (next to the traditional approach of money/assets/property = capital), and how to leverage with them an accelerated compound effect for learning, growth, and impact.


Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Our partners contribute to the competition, by suggesting challenges, and targets, or providing resources, contributing with knowledge and experience, inspiration or prizes.


Coaches & Facilitators

Matrix-Q Specialists and partners will provide advice and assistance as necessary. 

The competition participants will always receive support to complete milestones and achieve their goals.


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Our founder will personally care for all participants' introduction to the competition, support them along challenges, tasks, and projects, and facilitate to their Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Data, Methods, and Technology.

Luis will share with the participants the algorithms he has used successfully as a leader and entrepreneur since 1993.

Case study and strategic analysis, combined with storytelling and holistic work-life balance courses.


How to play

Our game, as any other game, has also rules. In our case, the rules are consistent with the competition purpose, data-generation, and learning methodology utilized.

Participants collaborate by following the rules and the paths given for them to play.

In order to tailor-made challenges, all participants need to follow the same principles and rules, which makes it possible for us to offer fair conditions for everyone to participate.