MKB / Scale-up / SMEs Small & Medium Enterprises

MKB / SMEs  Small & Medium Enterprises

Experienced entrepreneurs have realized over the last 5 years that rapid changes and unpredictability does impact their performance as organizations. Both the human and organizational conditions to respond to changes make a difference.

MKBs / SMEs / Scale-ups, will face more challenges in the following years, dealing with constant change and unpredictable events happening  

Innovation and policy change challenge the entrepreneurs to engage in opportunities that were not visible before. Enabling new ventures, growth, and impact.


  • Experienced entrepreneurs are also welcome to participate in the Matrix-Q Challenge, in their own category.
  • The process is similar, after a capacity scan, Matrix-Q DNA generation, SMEs/MKBs/Scale-ups will be challenged.
  • Our focus in the practice of entrepreneurship is the creation of a positive impact, leadership styles, and use of Matrix-Q Tools & Knowledge